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[07:02.84]Lesson 23
[07:09.37]One man's meat is another man's poison.
[07:14.73]Don't just put your name on your stuff.
[07:19.09]Anything labelled'Simon's milk,do not touch'gets emptied immediately.
[07:26.25]Instead,affix to your carton a large orange label bearing the legend:'Poison.'
[07:35.60]They hate each other like poison.
[07:43.23]People become quite illogical when they try to decide
[07:49.19]what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten.
[07:54.44]Many of his arguments are illogical.
[07:59.50]The candidate was defeated in the debate
[08:03.87]not because his arguments were illogical
[08:08.62]but because he lacked the charisma of his antagonist.
[08:16.82]If you lived in the Mediterranean,for instance,
[08:22.10]you would consider octopus a great delicacy.
[08:26.96]Octopuses vary greatly in size:the smallest is about 5 cm long,
[08:35.42]while the largest species may grow to 5.4 m in length.
[08:42.58]When endangered,octopuses eject an inky substance,which is used as a screen.
[08:53.50]Caviar is a great delicacy.
[08:57.55]The monkey was busy catching fleas on himself
[09:02.51]and biting each one carefully between his teeth as if it were a delicacy.
[09:12.62]You would not be able to understand why some people find it repulsive.
[09:19.10]Toads and snakes are repulsive to many people.
[09:24.14]He stared at his conversationalist
[09:28.50]as one might stare at some strange repulsive animal.
[09:36.73]On the other hand,
[09:39.79]your stomach would turn at the idea of frying potatoes in animal fat.
[09:47.23]I don't think I can ever live comfortably abroad,
[09:52.40]for I have a most patrotic stomach.
[09:57.26]An army travels on its stomach.
[10:04.26]Fatty food turns my stomach.
[10:08.42]Don't tell me about any more of the horror film-your are making my stomach turn.
[10:19.13]Fry the steak for five minutes and then turn it and fry the other side.
[10:26.18]The eggs are frying in the pan.
[10:33.50]The fat in the frying had beated all right.
[10:38.85]Our body cells require many substances,such as iron,certain vitamins,and fats.
[10:50.97]No creature has received more praise and abuse than the common garden snail.
[10:58.13]Such abuse does Denise more good than vitamins.
[11:03.77]The gardener shouted abuse at the boy for stealing his peaches.
[11:12.60]The shell of a snail is carried on its back,and its eyes are on long stems.
[11:20.86]Dear me,can't you walk quicker?A snail by comparison is supersonic.
[11:31.77]Cooked in wine,snails are a great luxury in various parts of the world.
[11:39.14]In general most less developed countries attempt to tax luxuries.
[11:45.91]Breakfast in bed is a luxury I haven't had for years.
[11:55.73]There are countless people who,ever since their early years,
[12:01.68]have learned to associate snails with food.
[12:06.94]She cannot help associating the house with a scene of violent death.
[12:13.20]I associate his queer temper with his unhappy childhood.
[12:22.43]My friend,Robert,lives in a country where snails are despised.
[12:29.27]At the time Clyde despised those among his classmates
[12:35.33]who were finding their pleasures in dancing,wine and cigarettes.
[12:41.81]Rachel had come to despise the girl with whom she had shared a flat.
[12:50.61]The idea never appealed to me very much.
[12:55.68]Does the idea of investing in food coloring appeal to you?
[13:01.92]This film appeals to all above three.
[13:11.22]One day,after a heavy shower,I happened to be walking in my garden
[13:18.38]when I noticed a huge number of snails
[13:23.34]taking a stroll on some of my prize plants.
[13:28.52]A shower of rain poured down upon us,each drop stinging like a hailstone.
[13:36.17]The weather was sweet and warm,
[13:39.93]the grass as green as showers and sun could make it.
[13:48.84]She went out for a stroll on the beach.
[13:53.41]Shall we take a stroll about the room?
[14:01.25]Acting on a sudden impulse,I collected several dozen,
[14:07.49]put them in a paper bag,and took them to Robert.
[14:12.85]Irvine was a man of impulse,a poet.
[14:17.89]On an impulse he kicked some sand into Richy's hole.
[14:26.90]He recited a dozen instances.
[14:31.16]It is six of one and half a dozen of the other.
[14:38.89]I did not fancy the idea and reluctantly followed Robert out of the room.
[14:46.05]Don't you fancy anything?
[14:49.81]I don't fancy swimming in such weather.


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