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[00:00.00]Lesson 22
[00:08.25]Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end.
[00:19.30]Jim's was a one-man show and he ran it brilliantly.
[00:25.47]The play ran for two consecutive years in Broadway.
[00:33.91]In many ways,this is unfortunate for the poor actors
[00:40.39]who are required to go on repeating the lines night after night.
[00:46.63]Perhaps the most famous line in Shakespear is 'to be or not to be.'
[00:53.79]Actors are likely to freeze on the stage when they forget their lines.
[01:03.09]One would expect them to know their parts by heart and never have cause to falter.
[01:10.66]Have you learned your parts yet?
[01:14.92]Such parts are often considered to be thankless,unrewarding.
[01:24.14]Trembling with shock,she managed to falter out a few wordds of thanks.
[01:30.62]He is not likely to falter on such an occasion.
[01:40.34]A famous actor in a highly successful play
[01:45.69]was once cast in the role of an aristocrat
[01:50.65]who had been imprisoned in the Bastille for twenty years.
[01:56.22]The director cast me as a mad scientist.
[02:01.18]An unknown boy was cast in the leading role.
[02:09.88]He prefers to play comic roles.
[02:14.03]Once more,she was aware that the role of scapegoat had fallen to her.
[02:24.07]Anna Christie was a born aristocrat.
[02:28.82]Can't you see he just wants to play the aristocrat?
[02:36.73]Another picture shows Danae in the brazen tower
[02:42.19]in which her father had imprisoned her.
[02:46.56]Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery
[02:52.41]that wealth imprisons and preserves.
[03:02.60]In the last act,a gaoler would always come on to the stage
[03:08.55]with a letter which he would hand to the prisoner.
[03:13.31]The gaoler,though insignificant,
[03:17.75]was generally agreed to be the most successful part in the play.
[03:23.81]The kind gaoler agreed to post the letter for the prisoner.
[03:32.11]One night,the gaoler decided to play a joke on his colleague to find out if,
[03:39.66]after to many performances he had managed to learn the contents of the letter by heart.
[03:47.60]My colleagues read the communique with astonishment rather than excitement.
[03:54.37]Candid advice to the President by his colleagues is inhibited.
[04:03.57]The curtain went up on the final act of the play
[04:08.53]and revealed the aristocrat siting alone behind bars in his dark cell.
[04:15.79]The curtain is up when the audience enters the theater.
[04:21.54]As the curtain rises,a garden is seen on the stage.
[04:30.47]The curtain was raised,to reveal a darkened stage.
[04:35.93]The porter held the lantern and revealed the face of Dr.Rubber.
[04:44.94]The policeman threatened to lock him up in the dark cell
[04:50.22]if he didn't come out with the information.
[04:54.66]He was first confined to a cell.
[05:01.56]It was simply a blank sheet of paper.
[05:06.23]My mind went blank.
[05:10.31]His face is quite blank.
[05:16.89]Then,squinting his eyes,he said:'The light is dim.Read the letter to me.'
[05:27.76]The sun was so bright that I had to squint.
[05:32.83]He took careful aim,squinting down the rifle barre.
[05:41.03]The second picture contained for foreground only the dim peak of a hill,
[05:48.19]with grass and leaves slanting as if by a breeze.
[05:53.83]Instead of a dim glow we now see countless stars.
[06:02.95]Finding that he could not remember a word of the letter either,
[06:08.61]the gaoler replied:'The light is indead dim,sire.I must get my glasses.'
[06:16.87]Sire,do I have your permission to withdraw?
[06:22.33]The people await you,sire.
[06:30.48]Much to the aristocrat's amusement,
[06:34.63]the gaoler returned a few moments later with a pair of glasses
[06:40.88]and the usual copy of the letter which the proceeded to read to the prisoner.
[06:47.82]I thank you kindly,but will still proceed.
[06:55.69]The student paused to consult his notes,and then proceeded with his questions.


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