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[00:00.00]Lesson 25
[00:06.45]She serves as an impressive reminder of the great ships of the past.
[00:13.01]One day he saw Lincoln -a tall,shambling man,
[00:18.76]long,bony,gawky,but tremendously impressive.
[00:24.82]The minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an impressive speech.
[00:34.25]Before they were replaced by steamships,
[00:39.00]sailing vessels like the Cutty Sark
[00:43.36]were used to carry tea from China and wool from Australia.
[00:49.82]Steamships are larege non-military ships driven by steam power.
[00:56.27]The designer put a steamship model on the desk and asked the assistants to approach.
[01:06.19]He drifted about the house like a rudderless vessel in a rocky stream.
[01:12.83]A French naval vessel is in the harbor.
[01:20.01]It marked the end of the great tradition of ships with sails
[01:25.79]and the begining of a new ear.
[01:29.84]The handshake between President Nixon and Premier Zhou Enlai
[01:37.78]marked a new era in the relations between China and the United States.
[01:44.72]To get a complet story of missile development in the space-age era,
[01:51.28]we must go back to World War II.
[01:58.99]The first of the two ships to reach Java after the face had begun
[02:05.34]was the Thermopylae but on the Indian Ocean,
[02:11.11]the Cutty Sark took the lead.
[02:17.80]In August,she was struck by a very heavy storm during which her rudder was torn away.
[02:26.05]The sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass
[02:32.22]never knows where he may be cast.
[02:36.94]Both our engines and rudder have got out of control.
[02:45.54]The Ctty Sark rolled from side to side and it because impossible to steer her.
[02:53.09]By dawn,the weather had calmed and cleared,
[02:58.65]but the ship still rolled in havey swells.
[03:03.41]Keefer screamed with pain and rolled on the ground.
[03:11.19]The oiler steered and the little loat made good way.
[03:17.36]Yet he went on trying to steer the ship of their duel life.
[03:25.69]A temporary rudder was made on board from spare planks
[03:31.54]and it was fitted with great difficulty.
[03:36.11]To each passenger his seat was his temporary home.
[03:41.26]The land sale was merely a temporary expedient for dealing with a immediate need.
[03:52.96]This small bridge is made of thick planks.
[04:00.46]We're fitting new locks on the door.
[04:04.61]He has the upper floor and ramps are fitted everywhere for his convenience.
[04:13.91]After crossing the Equator,
[04:17.38]the captain called in at a port to have a new rudder fitted.
[04:22.95]The Equator is a great circle midway between the North and South Poles.
[04:29.79]A person who lives at the Equator
[04:34.05]is in accelerated motion due to the earth's rotation.
[04:42.46]Even this was remarkable,considering that she had had so many delays.
[04:49.23]What's the delay?
[04:52.49]Anyone finding the wallet is requested to bring it without delay to the Town Hall.


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