刘毅词汇10000 Unit7

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Lesson 19
The soldiers lay in ambush, waiting for the signal to open fire.

The major ambushed his troops in the woods on both sides of the road.

He is always bragging about what he can do with a car.

Be sure that you cleanse the wound before bandaging it.

The professor will deliver a discourse on the poetic style of John Keats.

In World War II the general made it a point of pride to dig his own foxhole.

The inflammation of his knee made it difficult for him to walk.

The huge stone is so heavy that we cannot move it without a lever.

In arithmetic we use the Arabic notation (1,2,3, and so on) or sometimes the Roman notation (I, II, III, and so on)

A large ransom was asked for the safe return of the child.

He sopped a piece of bread in milk; it was too crisp to eat.

His cheek tingled from the slap she had given him.

A large percentage of the budget is for armaments.

On Sunday she gets up late in the morning and has a brunch around 10:30.

His coffin was laid to rest in a deep grave.

The mother envisioned her little girl as a prima ballerina.

The gangster who had taken part in the robbery was arrested by the police.

The ink had faded so that many words were illegible.

The rebellion was started by some malcontents who had been dissatisfied with the policy.

We will take a rest in the pavilion until the game starts.

The prisoners escaped out of the jail under the shroud of night.

The room soon filled with the water spurting from the broken pipe.

He put varnish on the tabletop to protect it, but somebody has scratched it.

Many old ballads are sung to new words.


The butt of pipe stuck out from the wall where the sink had been removed.

The goat butted the boy and knocked him down.

You will have to call the consul before your passport is expired.

Memories of happier days were enshrined in the old man’s heart.

He gobbled the ice cream so fast that he got a headache.

We had to listen to a long harangue about our own shortcomings.

He spent the whole afternoon mowing the grass in the back yard.

In the Middle Ages, many people used to go as pilgrims to Jerusalem and to other holy places in Europe.

The formers sheared the wool from the sheep.

He strangled her to death by a cord put around her neck.

The kernel of the walnut is eaten by itself or used in cakes or cookies.

Beavers are noted for their sill in building dams across streams.

The cavalry is many superiors in mobility to the infantry.

The floor creaked as he stepped on a loose board.

The fir remains green all year and its needles are distributed evenly around the branch.

During the heavy storm, airplanes should be kept in the hangar.

The kernel of the argument is who discovered the islands first.

What seems to be a cold often turns out to be the beginning of measles.

With a huge puff the balloon was blown up and then suddenly burst.

Sleet forms when rain falls through a layer of cold air.

A woman, after marriage, usually drops her surname and takes that of her husband.

Woman often wears wigs over their real hair for beauty of fashion.

Bleached bones lay on the hot sands of the desert.

Chariots were used in ancient times for fighting, racing, and in processions.

He has been crippled since he broke his leg. Now he can’t walk without a pair of crutches.

She flirted with many men but loved only one.

They were very pleased to see some gulls flying in the sky, full of hope that they would soon get ashore.

When I bought a new car, a kit of tools came with it.

The hungry children did not leave a morsel of food on their plates.

The strange mechanical device is the prototype of modern cars.

They set a snare for rabbits on the hill, but unfortunately a wild cat was caught by it.

When you squeeze the trigger, a round or rounds of ammunition are fired.

When the burglar tripped the wire it triggered an alarm.

The weir across the river stops or controls the flow of the river above it.

Lesson 20
The students have access to the library only in the afternoon.

Last year we had several floods, we had an excess of rain.

Long age Eskimos learned how to adapt to the cold to live in the Arctic Region.

The club adopted a new set of rules concerning its membership.

His adverse criticism didn’t upset me, but encouraged me.

My parents are averse to our picnic plan; they don’t approve of it.

The government decisions whether to continue the project will affect the future of our national economy.

I have warned him to drive slowly several times, but it doesn’t have any effect at all.

The new secretary is sincere and quite without affectation.

His gentleness and kind ways increased his colleagues’ affection for him.

The preacher likes to make an allusion to Homer while preaching.

The white walls create the illusion that the room is very large.

My birthday party is the biggest annual event of my family.

The judge annulled the contract because one of the signers was too young.

The couple appraised the house carefully before offering to buy it.

The club members were immediately apprised of his change of plans.

We should try to settle the matter by argument, not by fighting.

The king augmented his pore by taking over rights that had belonged to the nobles.

The man assured himself that the bridge was safe before crossing it.

He insured his car against accident, theft, and fire.

Don’t forget to check your work to insure its accuracy.

The doctor tied up the patient’s broken ankle with a bandage.

They seem to love bondage more than liberty.

Pack the books in a small carton to carry it easily.

Political cartoons often represent the U.S. as a tall man with chin whiskers, called Uncle Sam.

The novel was banned by the censor as likely to stir up suspicion of the government among the readers.

Every dictator censors the newspapers in his country.

The principal of the school censured the students for their rude behavior.

Many people were killed in the collision between the bus and the car.

The leaders of the collusion against the government were caught and punished.

I have only one confidant to whom I can tell my secrets.

The doctor felt confident that his patient would recover from pneumonia.

I am Swedish. Is there a Swedish consul in Omaha?

The council of ministers advised the king to dismiss the general.

The young man refused to listen to the old man’s counsel.

The murder suspect refused to answer the questions on the advice of his counsel.

The Hopkinses run the biggest dairy farm in the state of Arizona.

It is very rewarding to keep a diary of daily happenings.

Upon his decease all his properties passed to his wife.

Measles and chicken pox are two diseases of childhood.

It is not decent to laugh at a crippled person.

The road makes a sharp descent just around the corner.

The three justices dissented from the Supreme Court’s decision.

Dissent among the senior members was the main cause of the disintegration of the club.

Lesson 21
Lawrence rode a camel across the desert on an exploring expedition.

He had intended to desert his wife and children, but changed his mind.

Strawberry pie is one of my most favorite desserts.

Many students know how to disassemble the radio, but few know how to put it together.

She tried to dissemble her anger with a smile on her face.

I’ve made a first draught of my speech for Friday, but it still needs a lot of work.

The long drought has killed most of the crops in the fields.

She knows a lot of eligible young men who are all rich and attractive.

The ink had faded so that many words were illegible.

Washington was eminent both as general and as president.

The scientist predicted that an earthquake was imminent in Tokyo area.

The members exalted Mr.Smith when they elected him president of the association.

All the people exulted to find that our national team won the gold medal in the International Basketball Tournament.

The trap made of an old tin can and some wire is an ingenious device.

The ingenuous person had never thought of being suspicious of what others told him.

When my little brother sees mother holding the new baby, he becomes jealous.

The clerk in the toy section of the department seems very zealous in pleasing the customers.

The dress that Miss Lee was wearing at the party was made of synthetic material.

The statesman said the Iron Curtain countries had vast resources in manpower and materiel.

George Washington is known to be a moral and just man.

I am sure that we will win the battle, the morale of our troops is very high.

Freedom of religious worship was guaranteed to all settlers in the Northwest Territory by the ordinance of 1787.

The pirate ships in the West Indies were armed with heavy ordnance.

The minister worked very hard to make the rounds of his parish and visit the homes of the sick.

They said that this flower would not perish even when frost comes.

The police still don’t know who perpetrated the murder of the housewife.

This monument was built to perpetuate the memory of the national hero.

Many psychologists are inclined to attribute the formation of personality entirely to the operation of the cultural and physical environment.

That car is his personaly using it without his permission is illegal.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake.

The engineer of the wrecked train was prosecuted for criminal negligence.

He prosecuted an inquiry into reasons for the company’s failure.

The author takes his portable typewriter wherever he goes.

They set up purifying systems in dozens of places where the water was not potable.

Good citizens always do what the laws prescribe.

The doctor prescribed a new medicine for the pain in my joints.

In earlier days, the church proscribed dancing and card playing.

Slaughter and destruction are terrible realities of war.

His realty includes a big mansion and several buildings in Taipei.

Nearly every city in the United States has a statue of some famous man.

A man six feet tallis above average stature in this part of the world.

My family is going to have a short vacation on the east coast .

You will not make a good teacher,unless you feel teching is your vocation.

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