刘毅词汇10000 Unit6

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Lesson 16
He that never was acquainted with adversity has seen the world but on one side.

My new shoes have made blisters on my heels.

The clatter of metal plates was heard from the kitchen.

Most of telephone dials use digital numbers.

He cannot work today; he got a gash in his hand while axing.

Even militarily weak and small nations have defied UN decisions with impunity.

Plants grow much faster and stronger when they are given manure.

Glass is not porous, it doesn’t allow liquid to pass through.

There are a lot of shacks in the run-down part of the town near the railroad.

The average life span of people has increased considerably since the 19th century.

The strong winds twitched the paper out of her hand.

The French battleships were placed within the power of Nazi Germany in accordance with armistice terms.

It would be a breach of duty for the guard to leave before his replacement comes.

To help a new student get oriented furthers the comity of the school.

Some prisoners in the dungeon will be released tomorrow.

He is a gregarious man; he enjoys the companionship of a large number of friends.

The explorers incurred great dangers when they tried to cross the rapids.

She has a small mole on the left side of her nose.

The mole digs holes and passes underground and makes its home in them.

He has applied for a patent on his latest invention.

This coffee is very hot. Do not drink it quickly, but sip it.

Sulfur is found abundantly in volcanic regions.

This year’s upsurge in rice production is due to the new method of cultivation.

Grandfather was an austere man; he used to be silent and very strict to us/

When I was in hospital, she called on me with a bouquet of roses in her hand.

In the Pacific Ocean there are many coral atolls that are ring like islands.

A group of schoolmasters are holding a forum on new ways of teaching history.

On rainy days the students play games in the gym.

“Not like that” he interjected while explaining how to take the machine into pieces.

Some mushrooms are good to eat, some, such as toadstools, are poisonous.

They escaped from the wrecked ship on a raft.

The children looked like Negroes, their faces were smeared with soot.

One end of a pencil is tapered off to a point.

I have read this French play via English translation.

Newspapers are often called barometers of public opinion.

He complied with the doctor’s order that should take a rest at home.

A coxcomb spends too much money and time on his clothes and appearance.

In summer the house next door is hidden luxuriant foliage.

She made her plan for her annual summer hegira to the Miami Beach.

The hunters traced the footmarks of a tiger and at last they found him in his lair.

The child had a terrible nightmare and awoke crying.

This reservoir is large enough to supply water to the entire city.

He bought some sod to put in the bare spots of his lawn yard.

Rake up the trashes in the yard and burn it. We will have some guests tonight.

The furniture will stay in the warehouse until they pay the storage cost.

She volcano belched a staggering mount of fire, smoke, and ashes.

It’s such a chore to do the shopping every day.

When she was asked a sudden question, her face turned crimson in embarrassment.

The fugitive had already packed and bought his ticket.

Two women were quarrelling on the street, surrounded by a horde of people.

Usually a linguist is skilled in a number of languages besides his won.

The price of the petroleum has been raised too high during the last few years.

Mary rumpled her dress by sitting on the floor.

A person sneezes when he has a cold.

She twined her arms around his neck and kissed him.

When we got inside the factory, we couldn’t hear the guide explain because of the whirring of the motors.

Lesson 17
An alloy is often harder, lighter, and stronger than the pure metals of which it is composed.

The streets were not lighted at night during the blackout.

Who is supposed to cater for your daughter’s wedding next week?

He is cramming facts and dates for his history examination tomorrow.

He crammed as many candy bars into his pockets as they would hold.

If you paid $200 for the watch, you were fleeced. I saw it in a department store for $70/

The jungle is the natural habitat of wild animals and plants.

I lost my key to the door, and I went to the locksmith to get a new one.

He panted excitedly giving us the news as he had just heard it.

Don’t use that old cart, it’s rickety.

He has been stigmatized as a coward and liar.

Having been in the desert without water for two days, his thirst was unquenchable.

The astronauts of the United States are returning to the earth from the moon.

One age bequeaths its knowledge to the next.

In the United States there is a census every ten years.

Everyone of the city was asked to join the crusade for better housing.

The stream was so deep that we could not ford it.

The dog hovers around the kitchen door every mealtime.

They were all dressed up to attend the masquerade.

He got a free ticket to the play by masquerading as a friend of the actors.

The phoenix is believed to live for 500 years and then burn itself and be born again from the ashes.

Some people prefer the dark bread made from rye to the white bread made from wheat.

In the film he jumps off a running car and performs other dangerous stunts.

The most exciting game in hockey, was Harvard versus Yale.

Above all the artillery was the deciding factor in the battle.

In the early days of the West many states paid a bounty for captured criminals.

When he got a shot against typhus, the child clenched his teeth in pain.

I saw a burglar, with a dirk in his hand, getting into the room where she was sleeping.

The murderer entreated the judge for mercy, but was sentenced to the gallows.

My steak, though delicious, was mostly fat and bones. Most of it was inedible.

The morale of the football team was very low after its defeat.

We are more prone to make mistakes when we are tired.

We fell prone on the ground and drank water from the spring.

The robbers grasped the peril of their position and scuttled away.

The carpet was fastened to the floor with tacks.

After his parents’ death, the court made him a ward of his aunt.

The terrible avalanche buried the whole village, and very Jew people survived it.

I was so in a hurry that I left my briefcase at home.

The apartment is not commodious enough for his family to live in.

The bourbon dynasty ruled France for more than two hundred years.

After he got out of the bar, he suddenly began to yell drunken gibberish on the sidewalk.

I invoked his forgiveness many times, but failed to move him.

There are myriad of stars in the sky at night, we cannot count them.

Thousands of men and women are working in the quarry to get stones for use in building the castle.

Poverty and disease are common in the slums.

He tinkled his coins together in his pocket.

The swimmer caught in the whirlpool struggled to keep from drowning.

We ended our blockade of the enemy’s port when peace was established.

The fox likes to live in a burrow; it’s warm in winter and cool in summer.

Destruction and suffering are corollaries of war.

Many flattering relatives fawned on the rich old man.

He groped for the light switch in the dark basement.

He turned the latch of the door and opened it so gently.

The soldiers were filled with nostalgia by hearing my old favorite song.

The notes of the hunting horn resounded through the forest.

The fireman splintered the locked door with an ax to save the boy in the room.

No one in the place survived the crash; it crashed down into splinters.

A truce was declared at Christmas between the two armies.

There is not a single grammar book on the vernacular of this African tribe.

Lesson 18
The use of anesthetics is less than a hundred years old.

The fire on the hill was a beacon to the villagers that the enemy was coming.

The coroner concluded that the death of the old woman was accidental.

They decided to settle their quarrel by a duel.

Peach trees can be grafted on plum trees.

“First come, first served” is an impersonal remark.

A large iceberg loomed through the thick, gray fog.

As the speaker made a funny joke, peals of laughter rang through the auditorium. The missing cattle are discovered in the annual roundup.

The cowboy worked all night to gather the cattle that had straggled behind the rest of the herd.

He was suspected of having ulterior motives for making his generous offer, but in fact his offer was from the bottom of his heart.

The old Chippendale chair was sold at a good price at the auction.

The old man is famous for super calligraphy.

Jean felt unable to cope with driving in heavy traffic after her accident.

Please get some cucumbers in the vegetable section; I’ll make pickles.

Her grandfather is 90 years old, and every mealtime she has to prepare gruel for him by boiling oatmeal in water.

She hustled off her children to school and started working.

Every year the army and the navy hold maneuvers for practice.

She maneuvered her car into a narrow parking space with ease.

He was in a terrible plight, trapped at the back of the cave.

I came to the meeting to scoff, but the speaker persuaded me.

She was stunned by the news of her mother’s death.

A vulture usually lives on the flesh of dead animals.

After his store burned, the storekeeper became a bankrupt.

It suddenly began to shower, and we took refuge in the cavern.

Chrysanthemum usually blooms in fall and shows great varieties in the size and color of its flower.

The inhabitants of the port are occupied mainly with fishery.

In a gust of uncontrollable anger he broke the picture in pieces.

She tried to ingratiate herself with the teacher by offering some precious gifts.

The reason why we lost the war was not just because of a shortage of munitions.

The wretched slaves prostrated themselves before their master.

The campfire smoldered for several hours after the blaze died down.

The hail beat a loud tatoo on the windowpane.

In a democratic system it is the people that wield the power.

In his letter he alluded me to a matter which I had completely forgotten.

A chisel and a hammer are indispensable tools for a sculptor.

Mal crickets make a chirping noise by rubbing their front wings together.

As we stepped into the bush, birds flitted from tree to tree.

It was rather high-handed to punish the child for the accident.

The child lagged behind others because he was very tired.

You naughty boy! I told you not to play on the road.

We used to hear the rattle of the milk bottles in the early morning.

Soot is caused by incomplete burning and makes smoke dark.

The Ohio River is one of the tributaries of the Mississippi River.

The workmen mended the road, but a heavy storm undid their work.

The children began to undo the string round the parcel to see what was in it.

The rider belabored his tired horse with a stick.

After dinner they walked around the circumference of the lake.

In case of failure of direct descendants, the throne devolves upon the nearest prince.

Don’t fret too much, everything will be all right.

The wild geese honked high in the autumn sky.

The government decided to levy a tax on tobacco, it had been free from tax.

The new rule overrides all the previous ones.

The scattered soldiers were rallied in the vale for the next attack.

Many people sprawled on the beach in their bathing suits.

The old man trudged through the deep snow back towards home.

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