李阳疯狂英语脱口而出MP3实战篇之疯狂准备篇 第三节:最疯狂、最典型的美国发音

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——奉献后元音[ α ]
注意元音字母 “o” 在重读闭音节中美音和英音的不同发音,例如box, fox, cop, 又比如got, lot, common, possible等,美音把上述音节中的字母 “o” 念作[α],英音则念作[ ],这是英美发音重大差别的又一例。不过,在有些词中如boss, lost, dog, wash中元音字母 “o” 的美音读法也存在既可念[α]也可念[ ]的情况。例如dog一词读成[d α g]或[dg ]都可以。这类词为数不多,发音有困难时最好查一下词典。

Five Easy Steps to Perfect Pronunciation
1. Hold the back part of your tongue low in your mouth, lower than for any other sound.
2. Touch the lower front teeth lightly with the tip of the tongue.
3. Lower your jaw, lips are open wide.
4. The muscles of your tongue should be relaxed.
5. Say “ahhh.” Imagine that a doctor wants to look at your throat.

Unique Invention
1.  Raise your right hand into the air.
2.  Slowly open your hand widely as you open your mouth the same way.
3.  If you have a hard time making this sound, drop your head back as you say it. It’s impossible to make a mistake if you say it this way.


25 Excellent Sentences to Practice [α]
1.  She got a better job in a popular fashion shop.

2.  I’ll ask the boss if I can have a day off.

3.  This coffee is too hot to drink.

4.  My girl has got a cot bed.

5.  We should promote the project at all costs.

6.  I caught a dog, not a fox.

7.  He has a lot of cards in his pocket.

8.  This morning I saw a cop with a dog.

9.  The man walking on the lawn is my boss.

10.  Lots of work in the office and lots of chores at home. How I envy you, John!

11.  The party stopped at half past nine.

12.  I was sorry to hear your bad news.

13.  Do you often watch television?

14.  It’s a very popular song.

15.  Barking dogs do not bite.

16.  Do what you want.

17.  Love me, love my dog.

18.  I know what you mean.

19.  Thank God you’re safe!

20.  I’ve got a job for you: wash these dishes.

21.  I’ll watch the baby while you are away.

22.  You go first and I’ll follow (you) later.

23.  Where is the watch I put in my pocket to take to the shop because it had stopped?

24.  Try to finish the job as soon as possible.

25. I would bet my bottom dollar that if this stern-looking man is a manager of a company, the company will hardly suffer a heavy loss, for he is a crafty boss.
bet one’s bottom dollar: (美国俚语)连最后一块钱也作赌注押上;倾囊下注;绝对有把握的打赌
* Somebody will do it. I’ll bet my bottom dollar on that.

A: Hey, don’t walk on the lawn.
B: Sorry, I’m looking for my wallet.
A: You lost your wallet? Anything important in it?
B: Yes. A lot of money. Almost three thousand dollars.
A: That’s too bad. Better report it to the police officer walking there.

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