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  • happiness brings efficiency      回复
  • persistence makes greatness 回复
  • Recently,i met a lot of foreigner. especially, english native speaker, i must to cherish it for improvement. go on  回复
  • i'm  always eager to get lots of knowledge and certificates ,which can better my future life ridiculously, what  have  i done  was  just  nothing. ridiculously i don't even bother with persistence. 回复
  • I heard that Marvin love to boss people around. What’s the meaning of "boss around"?返回题目 题目解析:Boss around和push around都是“指使人”的意思。说一个人爱命令人也可以说He is very bossy。 ... 回复
  • He brushed aside our objection. What’s the meaning of "brush aside"?返回题目 题目解析:他无视我们的反对。brush aside为“漠视,不理”的意思。 回复
  • i was deceived by bei jing guys and  lost almost 2500 yuan,fuck,!!yep, i will learn  numerous  sth from this tragedy .well ,i have no choose to but to keep it in dark. otherwise my parents must kill m ... 回复
  • i mean  i losing myslef  回复
  • don't worry too much about the ambiguous future just make effort   for the explicit present 回复
  • you dumped redundant concerns 回复
  • Electric car crash prompts safety concerns 回复
  • A:I've got a question for you. B:Shoot! What’s the meaning of "shoot"?返回题目 题目解析:Shoot 除了当“说吧!”外,很多女孩子也用它来代替Shit,因为觉得后者听起来不雅。 回复
  • an eyesore眼中钉; bust one's ass拼命努力工作; You're over the top. 你太过分了; have a nervous breakdown 精神崩溃了; Rain check. 改天再说; mess up one's friendship 破坏某人的友谊; backstabber用阴 ... 回复
  • "I really like talking to her. I think we two really click." What’s the meaning of “click”?返回题目 题目解析:我很喜欢和她说话。我觉得我们两个蛮合得来的。click指(两人)合得来,不一定只用在异性 ... 回复
  • That movie sucks." What's the meaning of "suck"?返回题目 题目解析:suck是“差劲”的意思。That movie sucks. 是“那部电影真是糟透了”的意思。 回复


老外们如何用英语表达不开心~ 2012-08-21
Oh man! 最简单的抱怨句式,其中oh的声调为汉语拼音中的四声,man是一声,好莱坞电影中有时会出现这样的场景,一个人接到电话要去机场接机,然后去了以后发 ...
七夜雪 2012-07-25
In memory of love between Start and End  七夜雪 跋涉千里来向你道别 在最初和最后的雪夜 冰冷寂静的荒原上 并肩走过的我们 所有的 ...
revenge. 2012-07-15
       it absolutely drive me nuts that i was deceive by a deceive group whose company is in beijing. i lost about 2500 yuan, da ...
你最看不惯地铁上的哪种行为?(值得一背的有趣表达) 2012-07-07
今天早高峰,北京地铁1号线信号系统出现问题,列车双向停驶,部分乘客滞留。对于坐地铁上下班的人来说,遇到这种事实在是很烦人,坐地铁让你烦心的事还有哪些? ...
the typical scripts of sheldon in The Big Bang Theory 2012-07-03
  1.You know, I try very hard to make our lunch hours educational and informative. But your insistence on talking about your own lives stymies m ...
2012.6.27 -11:00 Freshman end 2012-06-27
2012.6.27 -11:00   i no more a  freshman liked the rose trembled around the ground. there were lots of thoughts in m ...


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张生 2013-3-16 22:40:23
hello , I am fresh man ,can we make a friend.
金成子 2012-11-16 23:32:20
long time no see ,how are you ?
yxlship 2012-9-7 10:28:41
Tree宸: haohaoxuexi
thanks, I will, and I hope you can help me to improve my English...
Tree宸 2012-8-14 21:31:16
1 . The heavy axe was awkward to use.  
2 . The man cleft a block of wood in two with an axe.
3 . Several of our plans got the axe when the new government came in.  
4 . Five hundred jobs were axed as a result of government spending cuts.  
Tree宸 2012-8-14 21:30:20
1 . You promised to help ——you mustn't back out now!  
2 . Your twenty havens would back out at the last minute anyhow.  
3 . The older children went straight to the platform, but the younger ones hung back out of shyness.  
Tree宸 2012-8-14 21:27:17
1 . He proved that he was right and his critics had to back down.  
2 . Please back the check.  
3 . The organization is backed by the UN.  
4 . You'll make your back ache if you carry those heavy buckets.  
Tree宸 2012-8-14 21:25:01
1 . His condescending attitude really gets my back up.   他那种居高临下的恩赐态度实在使我很生气。 2 . He drought along a file of document to back up his claim.   他随身携带一卷宗文件以便证实索赔要求。 3 . As the1979 deadline came nearer, some states which at first had backed up the Equal Right Amendment changed their mind and voted against it. 1979年这个期限临近了,最初支持平等权利修正案的一些州后来改变了主意,投票反对这个法案。 4 . The bus had to back up and tur ... ...
Tree宸 2012-8-14 16:26:28
【口语】1.You`re so yellow.你是个胆小鬼 2.Don`t be impudent!别放肆!3.I hate your guts.我恨死你了 4.How could you hold it back?你干吗瞒我呀?5.You egged me on.是你怂恿我的 6.That`s just a side issue.那不是主要问题 7.You backed the wrong horse.你找错人了 8.I`m punkd.我被耍了
Tree宸 2012-8-10 13:14:57
【Don't get me started on it.】 这句话是指「别让我打开话匣子」,意思是你对于某一件事或是一个主题,有很多的意见,要是让你开了话头,可能就要听你连说个七天七夜,没完没了。Don't get me started on it.这句话是用来表达你对一件事情牢骚满腹的心情。
Tree宸 2012-8-9 21:17:23
1 . We wish to order from you your products as per our purchase.  
2 . About the size and package of the junction box, we can produce as per your demand.  
3 . Furthermore, our products can be customized as per the specific requirement of our clients.  
Tree宸 2012-8-9 21:16:20
1 . We wish to order from you your products as per our purchase.  
凌空绝忆、 2012-8-9 16:12:29
Is your job relevant to english?
凌空绝忆、 2012-8-9 16:09:09
Tree宸: long time no see what's up
Thank you for caring about me ,these days I'm busy with my work.
Tree宸 2012-8-6 17:21:28
He is an exceedingly tedious fellow.  
Tree宸 2012-8-6 17:09:41
1 . Could you oblige me by closing the door?  
2 . I felt obliged to leave after such an unpleasant quarrel.  
3 . I'm much obliged to you.  
Tree宸 2012-8-6 17:08:21
All his injuries are external.  
1 . I agree with you to a certain extent, but ...  
2 . From the roof we were able to see the full extent of the park.  
3 . I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge.  

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