真实生活英语Unit10:Health care保健

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Ⅳ Health 健康

Unit 10 Health care
保 健
Part One: Expressions

1. I have a horrible toothache.
2. I hate dentists.
3. Stop being such a baby. 
4. She’s broken up about it.
5. That’s very sad.
6. I’m glad she’s reaching out for help.
7. You should have one every year.
8. Your eyes and ears look fine.
9. I just can’t seem to kick the habit.
10. I’ll give you more infomp3ation before you leave.

Part Two: Dialogues
1.Tootacke 牙痛
A: Oh!!! I have a horrible toothache.
B: You should go to the dentist.
A: I hate dentists.
B: Well, suffer then. If you have a toothache, you have to go to the dentist.
A: It always hurts. I hate going.
B: Stop being such a baby. If it really hurts that much, just let them knock you out.
A: O.K., O.K., I’ll go.
B: Good. You feel better after you do.
A: 哦,我的牙痛死了。
B: 你该去看看牙医。
A: 我讨厌看牙医。
B: 那么,你就忍着吧。如果你牙痛,你应该去看牙医的。
A: 它老是痛个不停,我讨厌去(看牙医)。
B: 别象个小孩子似的。如果牙真的那么痛的话,就让医生治疗。
A: 好了好了,我会去的。
B: 那才好。去了之后你会觉得好受一些的。

2.Psychological Counseling 心理咨询
A: One of my students told me she was very depressed today.
B: Why?
A: Her father is dying.
B: Oh, that’s very sad.
A: Yeah, she’s broken up about it, poor kid.
B: What did you do?
A: I talked to her for a while, but she’s really depressed. So, I made an appointment with the school counselor for her.
B: That’s a good idea. The counselor is a psychologist. He’s better trained to handle these sorts of things.
A: Yeah, that’s what I told her. I’m glad she’s reaching out for help, instead of trying to deal with this on her own.
B: Yeah, me too.
A: 我的一个学生告诉我她今天心情很坏。
B: 怎么了?
A: 她的爸爸快死了。
B: 哦,真令人难过。
A: 是呀,她无法承受这件事,真可怜。
B: 你怎么做的?
A: 我跟她谈了一会儿,但是她还很沮丧。所以,我便为她约了学校的咨询顾问。
B: 这个办法不错。顾问是心理学家。对于处理这些事情他受过良好的培训。
A: 是,我也是这样和她说的。我很高兴她可以求援而不是自己一个人承担了。
B: 是的,我也有同感。

3.check-up 身体检查
A: Hi, Mr. Smith. I’m Dr. Hawkins. Why are you here today?
B: I thought it would be a good idea to get a check-up.
A: Yes, well you haven’t had one for…five years. You should have one every year.
B: I know. I figure as long as there’s nothing wrong, why go see the doctor?
A: Well, the best way to avoid serious illnesses is to find out about them early. So, try to come at least once a year for your own good.
B: O.K.
A: Let me see here. Your eyes and ears look fine. Take a deep breath, please. Do you smoke, Mr. Smith?
B: Yes.
A: Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and heart disease, you know.  You really should quit.
B: I’ve tried a hundred times, but I just can’t seem to kick the habit.
A: Well, we have classes and some medications that might help. I’ll give you more infomp3ation before you leave.
B: O.K., thanks, doctor.
A: 你好,史密斯先生。我是霍金斯医生。你今天怎么来了?
B: 我想做个检查还是好一些。
A: 是呀,那么…你有5年一次检查也没有做过,你应该每年检查一次的。
B: 我知道。我想只要没有什么不舒服的话,哪里要看什么医生。
A: 哦,避免患上严重疾病的最好的方法是早点发现它,所以,为了你自己,还是每年至少来一次。
B: 好的。
A: 让我来检查检查。眼睛和耳朵情况良好。深呼吸一下。你吸烟吗,史密斯先生?
B: 吸烟。
A: 你知道,吸烟是得肺癌和心脏病的最主要因素。你应该戒烟。
B: 我试了100次了,但是好像不太可能戒烟。
A: 那么,我们开设了一些课程,并会发放一些药物,可能会有些帮助。你离开的时候我再详细地跟你说说。
B: 好的,谢谢你,医生。

Part Three: Substitution Drills
1. I have a horrible (toothache/ Headache/ Stomachache).

2. I hate (dentists/ cleaning/ being sick).

3. Stop being such (a baby/ wimp/ crybaby).

4. She’s (broken up/ depressed/ torn up) about it.

5. That’s (very sad/ horrible/ terrible).

6. I’m glad she’s (reaching out/ asking for/ seeking) for help.

7. You should have one (every year/ every day/ every other year).

8. Your (eyes and ears/ mouth and throat/ teeth) look fine.

9. I just can’t seem to (kick the habit/ to stop/ to give it up).

10. I’ll give you more infomp3ation (before you leave/ when we finish/ before you go home).

Part Four: Monologue
Carl’s Note:
Americans often go to their doctor and dentists when they are not sick.  They hope to prevent being sick by having their teeth cleaned and their health checked. Therefore, they see the doctor and dentist for check-ups. Doctors check their breathing, heartbeat, ears, eyes, and throat, their weight, take samples of patient’s fluids to run tests, and look for signs of more serious illnesses. Dentists clean a patient’s teeth, and take x-rays to see if any teeth are going bad. More and more, Americans and the people who take care of their health are practicing this kind of preventive medicine.

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
--horrible  可怕的,糟透的
--toothache  牙痛
--suffer  遭受;经历
--knock out使失去知觉
--depressed 沮丧的,消沉的,忧郁的
--appointment (尤指正式的)约会
--psychologist  心理学家
--illness  患病(状态);身体不适
--cause 原因;起因

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