刘毅词汇10000 Unit3

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Lesson 10
The entire population was aggrieved by the tyranny of the king.

Only a callous/apathy person can see suffering without trying to relieve it.

Walking barefoot on the asphalt pavement/trotter makes the bottom of your feet callous.

She wants to continue her study in the United States, but her parents disapprove of her plan.

Ten dollars is a fabulous price for an ordinary pencil.

He was infuriated by the police man’s rough treatment of his wife.

His political opponents feared his mordant tongue, and even more his mordant pen.

The idiotic Indiaese sang a shit-song of victory, describing their prowess in battle.

He was arrested as a member of a subversive organization advocating the forceful overthrow of the present government.

Many students find temporary jobs during their summer holidays.

Through the years he amassed a large fortune to buy farm after he retired.

However, as the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate.

People tend to amass possessions, sometimes without being aware of doing so.

The Empire State Building is a colossal structure.

Sickness or bad luck often makes a person feel dismal.

She was glad to see us again and gave me a genial welcome.

It is hard for an inveterate smoker to give up tobacco/cigarette.

The punishment for that offence is two years in prison.

During his sojourn /stopover in Africa he learned much about native customs.

Six robberies in one night put our village in turmoil.

A scientist suspends judgment and refrains from drawing conclusions until all the facts are in.

She assented to the doctor’s assertion that her son was ill, but could not consent to having him hospitalized.

The couple wishes to live in a cozy little home rather than in a lifeless mansion.

That factory is trying to diversify its products to sell in different markets.

The haggard faces of the rescued miners showed that they had a great deal of sufferings.

Careless drivers cause many irreparable accidents.

Everyone has two paternal grandparents and two maternal grandparents.

The young artist made a replica of the famous painting.

His seclusion of the rabbit in the barn was kept secret from everyone else.

The two friends wrangled and now they don’t speak to each other.

Most bigoted people are intolerant of opposition.

Most of the food they eat is deficient in iron and protein.

The sly fox eluded the hunters by running back in the opposite direction.

Some very great men have come from ignoble families.

We are studying about dew, frost, mist, and other kindred facts of nature.

During the Romantic period it was fashionable in literature to have a melancholy outlook on the world.

No one likes to be regarded as a poltroon.

The enemy was routed.

The most massive defense system would still leave the nation vulnerable to nuclear attack.

The child abided with his grandparents for three years before being returned to his parents.

She can't abide watching horror films.

Please feel assured that we will abide by our promise.

The audience in the theater was irritated by the unruly and boisterous children.

To spit in the classroom is despicable.

We saw many exotic plants at the flower exhibition, which we had never seen before.

For the mountain climber, it is imperative to get food and water before sunset.

My wife has such an imperative voice that everyone coveys her.

He was nonplused by the strange customs he saw everywhere in the country.

The leader of the band bowed in a pompous/exaggerated manner

He severed connection with Tom.

The day was so sultry that they had little energy left.

The moon was waning, and in such a waning light, it is very difficult to see the enemy.

Lesson 11
We are becoming acclimated to New York weather.

The senators assailed the President on the subject of the treaty between the two countries.

His face was congested with anger as the argument grew more heated.

Her effusive welcome made us feel most uncomfortable

A good manager is frugal in the use of his funds

The newspapers accused the government of being insolvent in its debts.

Most passengers of the ship were seize[fish1] d with nausea during the storm at sea

She had no way to redeem her furniture out of pawn.

They used waterproof cement to prevent water from seeping through the roof of the runnel.

A swollen cheek spoiled the symmetry of his handsome face.

New York’s hot weather is often aggravated by its humidity.

A balmy breeze was blowing across the beautiful lake.

The culmination of the doctor’s life’s work was his discovery of a cure of cancer.

The storekeeper endorsed my bill when I paid the full amount.

The main field of hygiene is concerned with healthy living and cleanliness.

Sound is intangible[fish2]  and the same is true of light.

Grandfather sat by the fireplace, oblivious of everything around him.

The funeral will be performed according to church rites

Her story was boring, but he simulated interest to please her.

The account of the trial was transcribed from the stenographer[fish3] ’s shorthand notes.

The United States annexe[fish4] d Texas in 1845.

Some people brew beer at home for home use.

The boys whispering in the corner are brewing some mischief

The boys derided him for his fear[fish5]  of the darkness.

She always evaluates people by their clothes.

Swept along by the swift current, he was in imminent  danger of going over the waterfall.

A judicious historian selects and weighs facts carefully and critically.

There is a preponderance of hot days in July and August.

Many sage staffs around the commander helped him win the battle.

A sagacious businessman seldom fails in his business

The specter of the murdered man haunt[fish6] ed the house.

The shout of “Fire” caused a great tumult[fish7]  in the theater.

Her apathy since her husband’s death worries her children.

If the aims of two countries collide, there may be a war.

The buildings were drape[fish8] d with red, white and blue bunting.

After his boring speech for over an hour, the fatuous speaker waited for applause from the audience.

The impudent boy made faces at the teacher.

I could have given a much better answer if I had had enough time to meditate

This music seems to purify one’s spirit of evil thoughts.

The secretary’s beautiful figure and suave[fish9]  manners made the office bright.

The watchman who caught the thief was praised for his vigilance.

Lesson 12
The engineer accelerates a train by turning on more power.

I will keep it secret, I feel averse[fish10]  to telling it to someone.

Two persons who saw the road accident corroborate[fish11] d the driver’s statatement.

It took the soldiers only half an hour to encamp in the heavy rain.

The air is very humid near the sea or large lake.

It is impossible

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