疯狂英语单词王 word_r

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[00:12.36]It's anybody's race.
[00:22.36]She always listens to the radio.
[00:30.64]vi.& n.下雨,雨
[00:32.76]It never rains but it pours.
[00:42.34]It's a rainy season.
[00:50.55]She's rather a fool!
[00:57.97]The Japanese sometimes eat raw fish.
[01:09.07]I'm not tall enough to reach that apple on the tree.
[01:20.85]She read her poems to the students.
[01:40.18]Was it a real person you saw or a ghost?
[01:51.39]Your name is on the car's documents,but who really owns it?
[02:05.39]He received a letter from his daughter.
[02:14.48]Kate is wearing bright red lipstick.
[02:24.48]Who won the relay race?
[02:33.84]I shall always remember that terrible day.
[02:44.86]Please submit regular progress reports.
[02:55.07]He stopped to rest himself.
[03:03.48]Sunday is my rest day.
[03:13.10]The restaurant is a place where food is sold and eaten.
[03:25.37]His illness is the result of bad food.
[03:36.71]Retell the text.
[03:45.72]Don't forget to return my keys!
[03:55.21]Would you like a bowl of rice?
[04:04.53]Under the captialist system of exploitation,
[04:09.39]the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
[04:18.04]A snow year,a rich year.
[04:26.55]She was riding a bicycle.
[04:36.17]The right bank of the Thames River is on the south side because the river flows east.
[04:47.43]What you have done is quite right.
[04:57.74]The metal door rang as it slammed shut.
[05:05.29]There is a ring at the door.
[05:14.51]The river was rising after the rain.
[05:24.81]The longest river in Africa is the Nile.
[05:35.70]It's not really a road,only a path.
[05:47.17]You lift a rock only to drop it on your own toes.
[05:58.09]The room smelled of cigarette smoke.
[06:09.29]Stop turning your head round to look at people.
[06:18.83]The earth moves round the sun.
[06:28.13]We have front row seats for this play.
[06:38.55]A ruler is a long, narrow,flat piece of plastic or wood.
[06:52.47]He ran across the road.
[07:00.75]There were only 6 runners in the race.
[07:11.18]They rushed all over the place.
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