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[00:12.54]Each of them phoned to thank me.
[00:16.12]他们每个人都打电话来向 我道谢。
[00:23.25]The eagle is a kind of very strong meat-eating bird
[00:29.10]with a hooked beak and very good eyesight.
[00:44.90]You needn't shout into my ear like that,I can hear you perfectly well.
[00:58.70]The secretary always arrives early.
[01:11.60]The balloon burst and fell to earth.
[01:22.21]I can easily finish it tonight.
[01:34.09]The wind is blowing from the east.
[01:43.31]It was an easy job and we did it quickly.
[01:55.64]Have you eaten your breakfast yet?
[02:04.87]The hen laid four large eggs.
[02:15.08]Eight people were killed in the conflict.
[02:26.68]It is hard for the beginner to tell the pronunciation between eighteen and eighty.
[02:41.88]Do you live on the eighth floor?
[02:52.62]Keep either one of the forms./
[03:03.54]The elephant is the largest four-footed animal in the nature.
[03:17.33]A football team consists of eleven members.
[03:29.95]How else would you do it?
[03:39.77]That is an empty house.
[03:51.58]We've travelled from one end of Britain to the other.
[04:05.11]Do you know what the engine is?
[04:17.72]Did you enjoy yourself at the party?
[04:30.55]The film was quite enjoyable.
[04:41.97]I'll meet you at the entrance to the theatre.
[04:51.29]adj. 足够的,充分
[04:53.67]I've got enough money to pay for a taxi.
[05:05.79]An eraser is a piece of rubber used for erasing something wrong in your writing.
[05:21.41]The eve of the wedding was an exciting time for the bride.
[05:36.54]He never even opened the letter.
[05:47.45]Do you have any appointments this evening?
[05:59.16]It was quite an event.
[06:08.59]I wondered if he'd ever stopped to think how I felt.
[06:22.09]He was given every chance to try the job.
[06:35.13]Would everyone who wishes to attend the dinner let me know by Friday afternoon?
[06:53.83]Everything is ready now for the party.
[07:06.14]I've looked everywhere.
[07:15.77]This time,we'll take an open-book exam in political economics.
[07:31.32]Her rudeness was an example of her typically bad manners.
[07:46.13]I can answer all the questions except for the last one.
[08:00.37]He's always making excuses for being late.
[08:11.70]Please excuse me for my mistake.
[08:21.16]The teacher gave her class a mathematics exercise for homework.
[08:35.45]The exit signs in cinemas are usually illuminated.
[08:49.16]It's too expensive for me to buy.
[08:59.35]He lost an eye in an accident,and now he has a glass eye.
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